Who we are

5 Stars Natural Raw Food is a producer of high quality frozen raw food for dogs and cats. The ingredients used in our products are of superior quality. The ingredients are natural and human grade. All of our meats come from government inspected producers. The fruits and vegetables are fresh, ripe and never dehydrated. Our food does not contain any cereals, starch or preservatives. Our recipes are made to meet the specific needs of your companion.

Our products have been meticulously developed and tested for the past 10 years. Every recipe goes through regular analysis to insure the quality of our food. Our facilities and products are inspected and approved by the MAPAQ

Producing a 100% natural, healthy food is our absolute priority. Using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients without any cereals, starch, or any artificial colors and preservatives found in the industrial processing of most commercial pet foods on the market.

Think for a moment about the origins of your pet. Do you think their ancestors were eating commercial dry food for dogs and cats? Modern pet foods are produced and marketed to answer the needs of our fast-paced lifestyles with less regard to the health and well being of our pets.

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